Lizzy Bean

About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, actor, producer, and proud jack-of-all-trades. As the co-founder and CEO of Stitch People, and President of The Waterford Puzzle Company, I enjoy entrepreneurship as my “day job” while I pursue my capital-D Dream of making a full-time living as a producer, director, actor, or musician in some capacity (and in no particular order).

I walk through the doors that open and go from there. 

I want to make the world a better place through comedy, compassion, creativity, and curiosity. (How’s that for alliteration?!) I’d also love to save all the animals.


For over a decade, I have been building two businesses with her partner, Spencer. I love to talk about small business strategy and coach up-and-coming makers on their hustle.


The Stitch People Community is my jam. You'll not find a more openhearted and enthusiastic group of makers anywhere else.


From public speaking to musical theater to imrpov comedy, I love to do it. I'm not afraid of the spotlight.

The phrase 'I can't' is an illusion. When you say 'I can't' it usually means 'I feel overwhelmed and I need more information.'

Lizzy Bean

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